Facebook’s Evolution

It is undoubtedly clear that Facebook is everywhere and it is known worldwide as the leader in social media innovation. What started as a platform to connect loved ones and college friends has now evolved into e-commerce, chat bots, artificial intelligence, content creation, content curation, target marketing and continues to change the online landscape. There were even talks that social media platforms like Facebook want to shed the “Social” label all together.

As Facebook continues to lead the charge in what is possible online, where does that leave brands, companies and marketers? When we look at the evolution of Facebook, we see how they have shaped the platform for us to reach the customers we want and avoid throwing the broadest net like when using traditional advertising.

They have been able to protect their users’ right to “social” experiences while combing in brands and media that promote brand awareness and ultimately push sales for these companies. Customers no longer see their friends’ experiences but also what they can experience through an online lens where stories can flow effortlessly between ad formats and screen sizes.

Facebook and Instagram have given marketers like Toucan the ability to connect to customers on a deeper level, the ability for customers to truly be loyal and feel closer to a brand they can trust. It is no longer publishing content and hoping our customers like, but rather posting experiences they can relate to and integrating them into our own story. They have created the best channel for distribution of content we can measure and improve as we navigate the online landscape.

We can confidently promote to customers that are more likely to purchase and push our clients to the forefront of their industry. Facebook has become a funnel that converts advertising dollars into sales dollars that are measurable and justifiable. By guiding quality content to the phones and computers of customers and fans, we are able to provide discovery and inspiration for our fans all in one dimension. The audience first approach challenges us to become better for the customer and give quality service and connection that would only solidify the foundation of loyalty and trust.

Where is facebook going? Facebook must continue to add value to brands and marketers in order to remain relevant. They are continually innovating with technology that keeps audiences engaged for longer, providing more opportunities to reach potential, new and existing customers. We expect to see expansion into Virtual Reality, buying and selling communities like Marketplace.

Considering that people would not always go where there is interesting content, their targeting and creation tools allow us to stay relevant in a changing world. Social media is instant, unlike traditional marketing where campaigns can be planned for quarterly results. We are now able to market instantly to our potential clients and provide relevant content almost instantly.