How Jamaican Businesses can leverage their websites to survive increasing online competition

How Jamaican Businesses can leverage their websites to survive increasing online competition

The growing popularity of digital marketing solutions in Jamaica has led to a competitive marketing environment for Jamaican businesses online. Because of the high potential for ROMI, more and more businesses are making use of digital marketing strategies. The website is a business’s home base in the digital world. Certain sections of a website have the potential to propel your Jamaican business ahead of the rest, even in a competitive space.

By carefully planning the following website segments, businesses in Jamaica can use their websites to establish a geographic authority in their niche online. This will not only help them cut through the competition, but also help them connect with relevant audiences.

Website is an effective tool Jamaican businesses can use to establish geographic authority online

Website content

A website uses content to communicate information about the business it represents to search engines like Google. Effective and appropriate content on each webpage will help search engines understand what industry the business falls under and which geographic location it serves. Therefore, content planning needs to include strategic placement of key terms on the website to define a business’s industry and location.

An effective content plan will:

1. Target the geographic region the business wants to focus on. For Jamaican businesses, adding ‘Jamaica’ and/or names of Jamaican cities will help the website establish its geographic authority online.

2. Include niche industry-specific key terms to create a relation between the website and the business’s niche market.

Bonus Tip: The content must flow naturally. Plan your content in such a manner that the geographic and industry-specific key term placements do not appear forced or stuffed.

3. Include clear description of products/services the business offers along with relevant images and videos wherever necessary and a description for each image using alt tags.

4. Have information on topics specific to the business’s niche market to attract consumers who are yet in the research phase of the buying cycle. This form of content is incorporated into the website using the blog section. Blog posts are also required to support digital marketing strategies and solutions.

leveraging your business physical location in Jamaica

Contact information

Use the website’s contact section to leverage your business’s physical location in Jamaica. Adding your business’s physical location in detail strengthens your geographic authority over your competitors. It will also act as an indicator of trust for your audience. If your business is focused only on Jamaican market:

  • Add your complete physical address, along with street name, city, state, country and zip code
  • Add a Google map
  • Include your telephone number
  • Include an email address
  • Add a concise contact form
  • Display a ‘Thank you’ message if a website visitor submits a query through the contact form

If your Jamaican business has a B2B model targeting other businesses outside Jamaica, then in addition to all the points mentioned above, add a virtual phone number for countries you are targeting, along with alternative means of communication such as Skype. Make it simple and easy for users to contact you.

A website to communicates information to search engines through content

Work Portfolio & Testimonials

The main focus of this section is on creating credibility and trust.

  • Work portfolio – Work portfolio is a professional way of showcasing your business’s accomplishments, and creating a good first impression, thereby adding to your online credibility. The work portfolio should be used to highlight your expertise, knowledge and skills to a massive online audience. An impactful work portfolio will not just look great, but will also illustrate possible solutions to your customer’s problems.
  • Testimonials – The testimonial section of the website should be used to share existing clients’ positive experiences with your business. Words of appreciation from existing customers act as their endorsement of your company’s work and brand. It’s a persuasive way of letting new clients know that your products/services are trustworthy. In addition to building trust, having positive testimonials on your website from Jamaican clients helps establish your authority as a Jamaican company in your targeted niche.

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