Increasing importance of responsive website layouts for Jamaican businesses

Increasing importance of responsive website layouts for Jamaican businesses

A responsive website layout has become a standard practice in web development and design. With top search engines like Google placing a lot of emphasis on enhancing user experience, responsive design has become an indispensable feature for websites.

What is a responsive website design?

A responsive website design will adjust its look and layout according to the device the site is being accessed from. Whether your website is being viewed on a laptop or a smartphone, its layout will automatically adjust to provide the best possible user experience for visitors. The influence of digitization is growing in Jamaica. More and more people depend on smartphones to access the internet, businesses here need to ensure their websites are responsive and can deliver a great user experience on all device types.

Responsive website design looks great on all device types and screen sizes

Smartphones and increasing mobile traffic:

The number of smartphone users in Jamaica has rapidly increased in the past decade. The improvement in digital infrastructure has made smartphones more accessible and provided better internet connectivity. This has led to an increase in mobile traffic to websites. Jamaica’s mobile sector accounts for 82% of internet connections [1] with 51.14 percent of web traffic in 2020 coming from mobile phones [2].

Businesses in Jamaica must pay close attention to these figures as they plan for the impact of digital marketing and internet penetration on Jamaican businesses over the coming years.

Digital marketing solutions like social media marketing and Facebook advertising help businesses generate website traffic and online revenue. As of Jan 2021, the number of users in Jamaica accessing social media via their mobile phones is 1.48 million. And, 98.9% of Facebook users access their accounts using their smartphones [3].

If a website does not have a mobile-friendly responsive design, not only will the digital marketing efforts be less effective, it will also create a bad first impression about the business on website visitors.

These figures are exciting and indicate how much potential mobile traffic has in the digital marketing sphere and why Jamaican businesses must make responsive design a high priority for their websites.

Increasing Smartphone users and increasing mobile traffic in Jamaica

Other factors that make responsive web-design a necessity:

  1. A responsive website design will look great on all device types and screen sizes. Hence, leaving a good impression on website visitors
  2. It will enhance user experience and help reduce bounce rate
  3. User experience will be a ranking factor for Google starting May 2021. By supporting an exceptional user experience, responsive design will support SEO activities to help achieve higher rankings on Google
  4. A responsive website design indicates professionalism, strengthening the business’s online reputation and authority
  5. It will boost consumer trust in the business’s brand and significantly contribute to brand credibility
  6. A clean user-friendly website can help improve website conversion rate

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Increasing online conversions for Jamaican businesses with better UX design 

An experienced website design company will always consider user experience, website conversion and search engine ranking factors when designing and developing a business website. They will also keep the business’s online goals in mind to ensure that all website elements are in sync with the business’s objectives, while at the same time finding innovative ways of keeping costs low.

If your business website was built many years ago and still uses an outdated and boring design, it’s time for a makeover. Get in touch with Toucan Digital Media, a website design company in Jamaica that also specializes in digital marketing and mobile app development for Jamaican businesses.

A responsive design may sound like a website feature just for the purpose of aesthetic upgrades, but in reality, it supports all digital marketing activities and has a strong focus on increasing website conversions through enhanced user experience.