How to use a mobile application for your business?

How to use a mobile application for your business

A mobile application is created to make task execution using handheld devices like smartphones and tablets faster and easier. There can be a mobile app for booking movie tickets online or to simply check the weather forecast for the day. A mobile application’s functionality aims to provide quick solutions to its users. When businesses decide to create a mobile app, they must keep the following in mind:

  1. The app must be user friendly
  2. Include customer support and feedback
  3. Social sharing options
  4. Clear objective(s)
  5. Should carry out at least one recurring task like booking tickets or bill payment so users will need to use the app frequently

Add frequently used features to your Business Mobile Application

When deciding the features and functionalities for a mobile application, a good practice for businesses to follow would be to identify opportunities where they can frequently assist consumers via their products or services.

Let’s take a look at how a mobile application for your business can be useful

Strengthening brand identity and brand recognition

A mobile application becomes a new channel for a business to solidify and strengthen its brand identity and increase brand recognition. Mobile app design and development should thoroughly consider all marketing and branding opportunities before it is launched. While it’s important to keep branding elements like theme, logo, images, and colour in alignment with the brand’s identity and message, it is equality crucial to encourage maximum interaction among app users through the implementation of attractive features, ease of use, and interaction rewards.

Social sharing options added to mobile apps also play a role in generating and expanding brand awareness. The cumulative effect of well-thought-out features and design details will allow a business’s mobile app to build a strong brand presence and reputation for the business both online and offline.

Creating awareness about new and existing products or services

Consumers have grown accustomed to receiving information about products or services instantly and at their fingertips. This is true for the Jamaican market as well. With better internet connectivity and easy accessibility to smartphones, Jamaican businesses can now find a wider pool of targeted mobile app users to connect with through business mobile applications. Therefore, using mobile apps to introduce a business’s products and services and creating awareness about the solutions offered has the potential to reach a wide array of targeted audiences.

A mobile application is an essential marketing tool that can help businesses in Jamaica to capitalize on changing marketing trends, evolving consumer behaviour, and customer demographics and geographical information collected via business mobile apps. Furthermore, these factors create excellent opportunities for direct marketing through mobile applications.

Using business mobile app to create awareness about new and existing products or services

Building and nurturing the customer relationship

Retaining existing customers is essential. When a customer continues to stay with your company, they grow into a valuable asset not just in terms of sales, but also as brand advocates that help your business via positive word-of-mouth. A successful customer retention program focuses on building and nurturing customer relationships and a business mobile app can be used as an effective means for this purpose.

Mobile applications make it easier for businesses to stay connected to their customers 24/7. By making accessibility simple and quick, mobile applications help customers find answers to their queries, report issues, and find the information they are seeking at the click of a button. Accelerated access to information and quick resolution of customer problems add tremendous value to the customer’s experience with your brand, positively impacting customer retention.

Additionally, benefits such as loyalty programs and discount coupons can be easily shared with customers through mobile applications, contributing to active customer interaction and engagement. Such value-adding interactions with customers when continued over time will immensely support and strengthen the customer relationship.

Using business mobile app for building and nurturing customer relationship

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As mentioned in our previous post Increasing importance of responsive website layouts for Jamaican businesses , Jamaica’s mobile sector accounts for 82% of internet connections. The figures and statistics indicate a growing number of smartphone users in Jamaica. This creates a lucrative opening for businesses to directly connect with their customers via business mobile applications and implement profitable marketing strategies with the potential of generating remarkable rewards.