Original content is better


The results from months of market research are in – original content is better.

Consumers want genuine conversations when they engage with brands  in and out of the social media space. This means producing a content marketing strategy, which doesn’t simply communicate without selling, but explains your brand’s value proposition. It’s about producing content that creates social value for users; content which compliments their lifestyle and creates a conversation which they’ll want to share with family and friends.  When we think about the way we form and maintain friendships, a brand’s approach should follow the same pattern. We meet someone through a mutual friend or acquaintance and quickly conclude whether we’re attracted to that person. The level of attractiveness comes from their content, and we’re not simply referring to their looks but whether  they have a similar value system. Brands need to engage in this space if they’re to increase brand loyalty and affinity.

A good content marketing strategy will need to focus on increasing the amount of original content instead of simply curating stuff from third parties.