Are you having Nightmares about low web site Traffic?

GraceKennedy (GK) faced that nightmare and this summer it launched its biggest online activation. The campaign was called the “70 Days of Summer Challenge”. It sought to leverage the fun and excitement of summer, while increasing the number of users of its newly developed website at, which allows for optimal access across all devices whether desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The campaign featured a daily trivia with weekly prizes and a grand prize. It also challenged young creative minds, while building awareness for the recently launched GK Value Rewards Programme through a jingle competition, where key brand phrases had to be used in the lyrics.

The final phase of the campaign incorporated members of staff at GraceKennedy, appearing in short vignettes to challenge the public to handle the ‘heat of the competition’ and show how much they know about the GK brand. There was a dramatic increase in the number of website users and the visitor sessions continue to increase. The nightmare was over!

Visitors came to expect fun, excitement and engagement with the brand through the website. According to Tricia Martin, Head of Customer Loyalty and Engagement at GK, “website growth is a critical metric as that’s the space the brand owns; therefore making the site available across all screens and making it engaging and interactive are key mandatories for our brand and any brand that wants to win in the digital space.”